Discontinuation of celiprolol tablets

Celiprolol tablets will no longer be available in New Zealand once current supplies are exhausted. See the notification from PHARMAC here.

Celiprolol is a beta-blocker approved to treat hypertension and angina. For patients currently taking celiprolol, either:

1. Replace with an alternative beta-blocker:

  • In most cases, we suggest the prescriber chooses the beta-blocker they are most familiar with, if it is appropriate for the individual patient.
  • A direct switch to the new beta-blocker is reasonable, using the recommended dose for the patient’s indication. Titrate the dose if necessary according to heart rate, disease symptoms or any adverse effects.
  • Theoretically celiprolol has intrinsic sympathomimetic activity (ISA), but any clinical value of this is theoretical and not well-substantiated. Pindolol is the only other funded beta-blocker with ISA, but there is no advantage in using this over the other options.

2. Stop the beta blocker:

  • Taper celiprolol slowly as sudden withdrawal can cause rebound tachycardia, hypertension and angina.
  • A general guide is to halve the dose for a week or a month, then halve again for another week or month, then stop.
  • Introduce an alternative antihypertensive or antianginal from a different class if necessary, depending on the individual patient.

BPAC has published an article on beta-blockers, which includes the different pharmacological properties of those subsidised in New Zealand.

Health professionals are welcome to contact our service for more specific advice on individual patients.